Shopping for a new web host. Any suggestions?

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Dec 24, 2002
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I've been with my current host for over 8 years. Recently they've become quite a pain in the rear. :DOH!

Any suggestions on who is a good one? The things I need are lots of storage. My site is picture heavy. I don't the extra email addresses I use my own. Affordable is a big point. Right now I'm paying $100/year + $7/year for the domain name.

I use for my hosting. I really like them well, and they have been very reliable and I can't recall that they have been down any during that time.

They have several packages to choose from, and honestly I don't even come close to using all they offer in my basic package. I pay slightly less than per year. Currently they are advertising that they have 1000Gig (1 Terabyte?) plus free domain registration for around $7.00 per month. And if you use them, make sure to let them know that I refered you.
I use and they are really affordable. I've never used anything else.
I've used Earthlink for probably 6 or so years and been very pleased. Lots of space, lots of emal addresses, NEVER known it to be down. It's $19.95/mo but I feel worth it.
I pay $3.95 a month hosting. I believe I only pay $24.00 for a 2 year domain. I use I've never had a problem with servers going down and I've never had any storage problems yet. I store alot of pictures as well and alot of webpages.

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