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Jun 6, 2005
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The shweet taste of victory!

Thanks to an awesome recall, Tater won 2nd place at the Ellensburg Dachshunds on Parade Mini Doxie races. He is a one year old Toy Poodle/long haired Miniature Dachshund mix, or "Podunk."



And here is his sister, Clarity, who I recently took in. She's been clipped:


They're both in training for Agility and Rally O, as well as Canine Musical Freestyle for Tater.
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Congrats! I love them. I have never seen this cross. I love them. I love Poodles and my hubby loves Dachshunds. One day if we are ever ready for a new dog I will have to look for one of this cross. They are adorable.

Keep in mind that the dam of this litter was a long haired Dachshund. Short or wire haired Dachshund mixes will have different hair coats when mixed with Poodles. This coat type is actually pretty difficult to keep long and tangle free like Tater's if you don't clip it short as Clarity's other owners did. Their dapple color came from the dam being a double dapple - a color responsible Dachshund breeders avoid breeding for as it can result in severe deformities. Fortunately, their dam is very healthy. She has a pleasing build and an awesome temperment, as does the sire who is my own Pood. I knew that since the sire is obviously not a dapple, the puppies could only inherit one (safe) dapple gene from the dam. The only thing I would have done differently would be to screen the sire and dam for other heritable defects before breeding, just in case, though all three of the resulting puppies turned out okay and they all, as well as the sire and dam, have permanent, loving forever homes no matter what. Just be careful who you buy a mixed breed puppy from if you do decide to go this route.

That said, these two pups are very smart and want to please. They are also very high energy, and must be given a job. They can be vocal. Tater is pretty tough and has crazy prey drive. Clarity is a cuddler, but plays rough when she gets going. With limited time training I've taught Tater to push a skateboard, give high fives, spin left and right, and he has a pretty good basic understanding of Agility obstacles, etc. Clarity is just settling in and last night we worked on focus and sit, which she started picking up quickly. No matter what, they WILL WORK FOR FOOD.
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Nicole they are SO CUTE!!!!

I am in love with Poodles since having my girl (Poodle x long hair Chi) and if/when I ever get another dog, its always going to be the poodies for me!

Its funny that your boy is called Pood, thats what my whole family calls Phoebe....she definitely takes after her poodle side waaaaay more than the Chi side.

Congrats! He looks so cute next to his trophey!
They are adorable...and congrats on the trophy. Keep us updated on their agility and Rally training. Fun "jobs" for dogs

I am going to start our 2 dogs in agility. Not showing, just for fun....first I need to find a good place to buy a tunnel that won't cost a fortune yet will hold up to my lab. We are also trining our lab for tracking, which is so much fun

Congratulations to them and you!

They are gorgeous and look so healthy and happy.

Thanks for sharing...

Oh Wow!!! Congratulations!! How adorable they are!! I have to say I've never heard of "Podunk"....lol...cute!!