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Dec 5, 2002
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Our answer here in Middle TN have been answered. We have had a great spring with plenty of rain. They just finished the first cutting of hay.

I mowed my pastures about 3 weeks ago and I am amazed how quick it is growing back. I let my gang slowly get use to the pasture and they pretty much hang out it them, coming up to the barn to get breakfast or just hang out. Question is will the grass seed itself if left along and should I let it do it? Or should I keep cutting the heads off the grasses. My goats are trying deligently to keep the weeds down.
I usually set the mower as high as it will go and mow once a month as needed. I don't cut it short like a yard.
I cut mine just once so far this year-the weeds were getting so tall, and going to seed. Highest setting on the mower, and I went fast! I don't want the weed seeds taking over!
Hey Diana, that draught we had last year really did a number on my fields. Got a lot of weeds now. We mowed only once 2 weeks ago. I'm letting it grow for a while longer before I cut it again. Its going to be cut high too. They are bailing over this way too this weekend. YAY!!

I think I had the pleasure of meeting you at the LKF sale over the weekend. We enjoyed the sale as you did and came away with some new members to our herd.

I cut my pastures for the fourth time yesterday and cut them with my finish mower set at 2 inches. How often you cut your pastures is part personal preference and part need. If you have a large herd size relative to your pasture area, cutting will not be needed as often. I have yet to re-seed my pastures in the nine years we have lived there. If you have a large amount of bitter weed (what we call it in west TN, small yellow flowering weed) you can reduce it by just keeping it cut low and preventing the flowers to seed the pasture. This weed stops growing here in mid-June. You also let more of the grasses in your pasture get better sunshine by keeping this weed cut short. I have almost eliminated it entirely in my largest pasture just by cutting this b4 it goes to seed and letting the balance rest of the grasses choke this weed out.

Hope this helps

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