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Oct 2, 2004
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My friend and I were out Monday - saw this poor little donkey girl who was very pg girl - in a sad situation in a cattle barn dirty damp and plan old icky. Long story she is now at my friends barn and will be loved here with us. The guy had her 4 months and she was very bred then so we have no clue when this could happen. According to him she is a maiden (he got her from someone else...) She does have milk and her teets are elonggated. Our Donkey Foaling manuel is on its way!

I can't believe K and I are on "Jenny stare"

Here is

Classic Corners Graceland "Gracie"

Please go look at link under my last post... Arrrrg I will have to update to anothr server...
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Congrats and good for you. I personally will be awaiting arrival news of her little one. Thank god you found her and will give her what she needs and deserves. I love my horses dearly but these donkey's surely do something to the heart.

Forgot to mention. I believe a donkey gestation is 12-13 months. It is more than a mini horse. I could be wrong but his is what I have read.

Darn it - You Can you go here to see

Classic Corner Mini Donks

and glick on "gracie" on the main page under her picture... sorry free web hosting must not "allow....
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Awwwe she is beautiful.What a nice shiney coat she has! Congrats!!
I'll bet Gracie is enjoying her nice fluffy bedding rather than her icky damp place she WAS in before you got her! Now, she'll want to foal!! Good job getting her out of that situation!

Ohh, she is a very nice looking girl! I am so glad you were able to get her out of a bad situation and give her and her "baby" a home where she will know a comfy stall, food and LOVE..there is nothing so precious as a baby longears!!! Corinne

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