O.k. now what do ya think!?

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Apr 14, 2005
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Orangefield, Texas
O.k. question number 1....

Does she look preggers now? lol Do my eyes deceive me, or does this pool strip read good news? I don't know if you can tell from the photo (camera doesn't do closeups very well) but she is reading lighter than 1000 on hardness and 6.4 on pH... that good news right!?!
Her bag has been full, shiney, and hard the past two days (I wouldn't handle them much because they looked so painful, but she's a real trooper and let me milk her a bit today.) Her milk is a cloudy yellow color and squirts easily (and for me that's something, 'cause I've never milked anything in my life! lol
). We took her for a slow walk today down the road and now she seems miserable. The body pictures and udder pictures were taken last night, but she still looks the same today.





Question number 2...

I know nothing is a complete guarantee, but how reliable do YOU find the pool/milk strips? This is my first time to try them.

Question number 3...

On this same mare, we've noticed freckling on her muzzle, similar to that of champagnes, she also has amber eyes. So here's my question, we don't know what color her parents were... Can a horse carrying creme color have that freckling? And do champagnes show it in all the places, or sometimes just one or two? She also shows sabino roaning and such... We know she isn't champagne, but just trying to get some idea of her color and such!



(Non sun bleached)


Thanks for all your input!

Well I can't answer the color question or the pool strip question (never used them) but from the looks of her udder I definitely would not take my eyes off of her!! If I were you, I'd take some nice warm water and a soft towel or wash cloth out and clean up her udder, get that gunk out from between her bags, she'll more than likely enjoy it and it'll remove any possible bacteria and dirt that the baby could take in when nursing
What is the stud she's bred too? color? pinto, solid, appy? Good luck and I'll be waiting and watching for a foal announcement!!
After we took that picture and I saw that, I did get a warm cloth and clean her. We had cleaned her a few days prior, but apparently didn't get in the crevous very well....

Here's a picture of our stallion (whom she is bred to) and the last foal she had by him in 2006. This is only her second foal.



Our stallion


Their first colt... As a yearling...This picture was taken last year... we haven't finished shaving them down yet this year.(not the greatest picture... sorry)

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Can only answer the preggers question.....yes she is and I expect a foaling announcement from you very soon!!!! Keep a close eye on her!!