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Dec 16, 2002
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Catskill, NY
I'm still looking for my little 2 horse mini trailer I sold back in 2003. I'm in Catskill, NY & I sold it to a lady from Columbia County NY, possibly Hudson or Stockport. She had just one mini mare that she planned to drive. She was a hair dresser & possibly owned her own shop. I would REALLY love to buy my trailer back! I have the VIN # & I called NYS DMV. They told me the trailer had never been registered in other name but mine so either they never registered it or they sold it out of state. Any help locating this trailer would be greatly appreciated! I've been searching for over a year! :DOH!
I can't help with location of your trailer, but you might want to look at they have mini trailers for sale from individuals. Good luck in your search.

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