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Nov 30, 2002
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First of all ... thanks go out to all of you who took the time to express your condolences on the loss of my mare. I cannot tell you how much it comforted me. You're an amazing group of caring, supportive people!!!

The necropsy results came back - "Inconclusive". The necropsy report says:

"There were no specific gross findings to indicate a cause foe acute death in this case. There were no changes in the heart or lungs and the brain was grossly normal. Thorough examination of the brain is pending fixation. Samples were collected for toxicology, should this be required, and will be held for a maximum period of 60 days."

They also found that she was pregnant - the "in utero age" of the male fetus was approximately 80 days. They also found that both ovaries were enlarged - the left ovary had 2 cysts in it and the right had one ... amazing that she was in foal!

Just wanted to let you all know what they found (or didn't find). Doesn't help much with closure ...

Thanks again everyone.

Darn, that doesnt tell u much does it. Other than to let u know u actually lost 2 instead of 1. Hope some of the other tests will tell u something.
well Nan,

that dosent tell us much
still so sorry bout that.

hope avery one else is ok. Ill come over on Sun,

that ok?


A friend of ours lost his herd sire last year - He was perfectly fine that night, and the next morning he found him dead in the pasture - no signs of anything being wrong. He had OHio State University Equine Center run every possible test to determine the cause of death. They were never able to determine why he died. It was so frustrating for him. I am so sorry for your loss............
I am sorry you haven't gotten some real answers. I know that helps very much as you have said with closure.
So sorry for your loss. Its so sad now to know you lost two of them!


I am so terribly sorry for your loss, especially in such an unexpected situation.

Wish that the neocropsy could have told you more...but I would suppose some information is beter than none.

You will be in my thoughts,
So sorry you were not able to get the closure your were looking for. My prayers are with you and I hope with each passing day your sadness eases.


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