My horses are growing winter coats!!!!

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Nov 30, 2002
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Are your horses growing winter coats????

Some of mine are.

Oh drat.

I'm going to clip them off.

It's way too hot for that.

Isn't that just plain dumb?

There goes the clipper blades.........dang it!
[SIZE=14pt]All of mine are too. This is why, winter coat growth is generated by the daylight hours more than the temp...... days are getting shorter again.Even florida minis get winter coats. Ours just get thicker ones... the coat also can insulate from the sun .like the huskys and pyrs. We didnt clip Heidi in summer for that reason. She blew undercoat but not the top.[/SIZE]

Mine too
I had to body clip the two that I took to the local show last weenend. When I was clipping my mare the gelding wondered up to me and was wanting me to hurry and do him. The poor's been so hot and getting their winter coats. Oh, they are so happy now. I do wonder....the two that I just body clipped again are the only ones that I body clipped this spring. Is that just a coincidence?

I clipped a filly about 10 days ago and she is getting fuzzy already!!!!!!!!

It makes me a little spooked about it going to be early?? Is it going to be hard?? Guess I will find out...

I still need good pictures of my stallion, and more pictures of my fillies...YIKES.
yep mine are too!!! Always happens about this time a year!!

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Not only are they just beginning to grow the fuzz I have noticed that we have the first leaves in the odd tree here and there that have turned. We have a maple in one hedge row that always has a few branches that start to put on fall colors in early august every year. These are just the first signs letting us know that its only a matter of four or five weeks until the first frost and the bitter months that follow.
Most of ours have started to hair up in the past 2 weeks. Warm all day in the 20's and pretty cool nights around 12. We also have about 200 maples and l see many have turned yellow and bright orange around the tops that usually means the cold is starting to come not far down the road the maples always seem to be the first to turn..l love fall what a spectacular sight when all the maples are in bright yellow orange and red before falling. Now l can hardly wait summer was nothing but dry and windy really cool wind most days even the grass slowed down growing the beginning of July and turned ugly yellow and brown in big patches. Grasshoppers should really go back to Sask. they just started showing up in full force everywhere and you can look them right in the eye there so big along with those big dragon flies.
IF you think back, they started growing their winter coats about the same time last year. As others have said, it really has to do with daylight hours vs. temperature.
Mine are too...this is about the time that I do a second clipping for the year. Then I am DONE and ready for that harsh California winter to set in...
Mine always start growing in their winter coats in August.
Yes, one of my mares has a winter coat coming!

I think it is a bit depressing.

She arrived in April in horrible condition with a horrible winter coat, really ragged. She shed off to a beautiful shiny coat and looked so healthy I was thrilled with myself! Now she looks dull again!

It is too early for this!

I love the fall BUT winter coats in August, PLEASE!!!!!!

I thought she was the only one I guess not!

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