Mare shutdown after abortion?

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Dec 2, 2002
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Found a fetus in the corral with 12 mares and gestation periods ranging 3 to 7 weeks. Since it was small, could not detect which mare may have lost it. The fetus was about 1-1 1/4 inches in diameter (fetus in curled fetal shape) and was wondering if someone knows how many weeks it may have been. This was 3 weeks ago, and so far no mare has come forward with the "Lets try it again" signs. I think that after a certain length of pregnancy a mares system will go into "pregnancy" mode and stay there even after aborting. How long might this period be?
I have never had, nor known, a mare continue with a pregnancy when it has terminated, altho I suppose it is possible. How seriously are you suggesting this to these ladies?? My oldest mare terminated around four months- reabsorbed, so not absolutely sure when. This was around Christmas but she returned in season normally in the spring. It was also obvious she was not in foal.

Two possibilities to throw is that it could have been a TWIN???

Another, if the mare has an infection in her uterous she may not cycle properly. The latter possibility will show itself eventually.

Let's hope it was the first..........

After 45 days, there's been a certain amount of development in the uterus, and if the mare aborts, it takes the body a while (several months) to clear everything and return to normal.

Can't remember the exact specifics of it. I'm sure if you google it you'll get the exact whys and hows.
The mares we've had that have absorbed/aborted between 3 & 7 weeks have all come back into heat within 3 weeks. It's always been my understanding that the mares that don't come back into heat after aborting are **usuaully** those that are further along (3-4 months or later) at time of abortion.

For the size you describe I'd say this fetus you found would be somewhere around the 40 day mark.

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