Making List of Medications needed for Sick Foal

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Aug 5, 2004
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Orange, TX
My little filly has severe diarrhea at the beginning of the week and I am making a list of over the counter medications or prescribed medications,that should be kept at all times, in case of a emergency. Please add to my list in case I forgot something.

This list is not just for the diarrhea problem but any kind of problem that foals seem to have (example constipation, fever ect.).

Thanks Carlene

Children's Imodium AD




Milk of Magnesia

Children's Kaopectate

Child's Enema



Baby Gas Drops

Mineral Oil
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Robin could you explain what the Bio-Sponge and Probios is used for. I know you use it for diarrhea but anything else?

Thanks Carlene
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Possibly might want to ad Domperidone / Equidone to the list to have on hand in case the mare needs help getting a good amount of milk to come in.
I'll jump in here for Robin, Hope she doesn't mind.

Biosponge is made from diatenatious (sp?) earth, it coats the intestinal walls, protects the mucus membranes and absorbs the toxins affiliated with certain types of stomach upsets and diarrhea. Probiotics keeps the good bacteria in the horses system. It is the equivalent of people eating yogurt to help aid their digestive tracks. When horses have GI track issues, anything that upsets the balance in their intestinal track or if they colic and their digestive track is at a standstill, the beneficial bacteria starts to break down in the fermentation process, as it breaks down it produces more toxins and things escalate.

Biosponge and probiotics are simple precautions that rate right up their at the top of my list, in my book anyway.

Great explanation about probiotics and biosponge--I have used them both. I believe it is "diatomaceous earth"--you can google it and get more info. I also keep lots of syringes to administer mineral oil and metamucil/water (carefully) for the foals if needed.

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