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Sep 14, 2020
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Have you ever seen the British magazine, “Carriage Driving”? Through a free library app, ‘Libby’, I stumbled over them and they are a treat to read and also to enjoy the photos.

I’m not sure why our library system has them but am so glad they do.

If you have a library card, you can access online library books and magazines for free. Our local library helped with set up by inputing a PIN number.

It was a surprise to see a selection of horse magazines from the UK, Australia, and the US. The ads are great fun too, especially now during the Christmas season. I actually can’t afford nearly anything advertised but it is fun to window shop!

Along with the gorgeous woolens from Ireland and Wales and beautiful British leather goods, there was one ad for Irish creme liqueur that was budget friendly....😂

Donkeys are well represented too with some good articles!
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I don’t have a library card and I keep meaning to go join my local library, I’m new to the area…. How long can I say that for? I’ve been in the house now 6 months 🤣🤣 but I do look at some of the UK magazines online through Amazon prime.

I would be totally game if you wanted to send me some of that Irish Creme Liqueur as a Christmas gift!! Just sayin!! 🤣🤣

Since you mentioned donkeys…. Have you seen the man on YouTube signing to his sweet donkey? Maybe you could start signing to Maddy ?? If so, make sure you record it, we ALL want to see it!!

💕💕 Well my heart just melted..💞💞.. So sweet! Thank you for sharing.:)

As for singing to Maddy and her buddies, I do, but as for recording...🤣🤣🤣

I can’t even share the ad for the Irish cream ...I can’t find it now..😂

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