life in my barn yard.

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Nov 30, 2002
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My new colt age 2 is just full of himself, prancing and running around like he is KING. The mares really like him, but I may wait until June to breed a couple. I like babies coming when it is nicer weather and May is perfect.

Phantom, the new 2 year old black pinto colt was practically laying down on the ground reaching under the fence to get to the barn cat. The barn cat, Goldie, was on the other side of the fence, laying there, batting her paws at him playfully. This went on for quite a while and I thought it was so cute.

Time to hay all the horses. I step out of the barn with an armful of hay and the colt is carrying around the barn cat by the scruff of the neck. Goldie was none too happy. Nooooo., I didn't think it was funny, I rescued the cat. I bet it will be a while before she tries to play with Phantom.

Filled all the water troughs, had scrubbed them yesterday, so today I scooped any hay fragments with a aquarium net that I keep in the barn.

Lucy, our tiny premie( doing great by the way!) decides that the trough might be fun , runs over dunks her head in the trough, runs away and comes back and does it again and again! She made a game out of it.

I look around for Firestar, our other premie... he is sound asleep inside the big feed trough( you know the kind that you put hay above)

The wild turkeys came by for a visit today and scared Lucy! They gobbled and she ran and hid under her mother.

I could watch these goofy animals all day.

Sounds like my farm and yes you wish you could sit all day and just watch and play. Thanks for sharing.
That is what life is all about, enjoying and being blessed with what we have not what we want.

I find these animals bring me so much joy and laughter. Thanks for sharing yours
Oh Robin, isn't that just what life is all about - interacting with our animals, laughing at their funny little ways, watching their individual characters slowly forming. Who needs to go to the cinema (movies to you across the pond lol!), when we have such entertainment right on our doorsteps?

No wonder Dragon settled so easily here, when it sounds as though our two places are so very similar! Last night/early this morning I was helping our first foal of the year into the world, helped by one of the cats! I just couldn't get rid of the dam thing. It was rubbing against me, chatting away, when all I wanted to do was help with a straight forward (thankfully) delivery of quite a large filly. When all was organised I sat in the corner of the stable, watching my mare laying there talking to her new born daughter, with the cat now firmly on my lap and the dogs peeking through the doorway, and thought to myself - this is what life is all about


ps The filly is a dark chestnut blanket spot - I wonder what Dragon will produce from her in a few years??
I loved reading that Robin. I could picture it all and it gave me such a big smile!
Makes it all worthwhile
We have nine barn cats, so there are lots of daily antics LOL.

Robin - thanks for sharing - it all sounds just perfect!! What is more relaxing and more entertaining then being able to sit and watch these precious animals? I felt like I was right there with you!

I'm so happy that your two little preemies are doing great - Marnie had sent me pictures of them, they are both so precious!

Special HUGS for those two little dolls, Lucy and Firestar!!
Hi Robin,

Certainly beats sitting inside watching TV!

That's what I love about these animals. There really is never a dull moment. i will often stand by my back door and look out at the horses just watching their body language as they interact with the other wild life around here.
Sounds like a circus at your farm, Robin. Too bad your camera wasn't handy. Would have made cute pictures for sure.

Your words made for a great visual. Thanks for sharing.
I'd love to see it on video--but the one we make from your words works.

When we finished swapping the last of the welded wire fence with goat panels I was very tempted to let Jazz in to help... but we had a lot to do befroe the rain came, so I refrained. That boy does love to help with anything that has a handle or a bucket.

Our cat scares the horses every day--on purpose. She hides behind toys, tufts of hay, and corners of the barn and lays in wait for the horses to get near her. It's funny to watch her get into position. And I figure it's good training for the hroses to get used to cats that surprise them, but it's NOT funny when she scares a foal. Rosie ran into a fence when she was little and had a small cut on her face.

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