Intoducing our new foal.....

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Mar 14, 2004
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Ontario, Canada
Here are some pictures of our last foal of the year. Dolly was born Saturday night at 11:30. The vet gave her a clean bill of health today. She is exactly what I wanted, chestnut filly with white on her face. Her dad is silver bay with no white, and her mom is chestnut with a small star. Dolly also has 4 white hooves, I think they will just darken, but others think she has a few socks under that light baby hair. The plan was to sell her, but I think I've fallen in love. I find her neck a little short, but no one else seems to think so. I tend to pick my babies apart the moment they hit the ground, and I am also very picky about my conformation...time will tell I guess!! These pictures were taken this morning, when she was about 12 hours old.


OOH, she's a little doll baby!
Congratulations on your little girl!
What a pretty girl! Congratulations!!

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