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Nov 30, 2002
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I listen to TV shows on my armband radio while doing chores, many times. Tonight at 7, as I finished up, there was NOTHING worth my time on the 4 commercial networks I can receive, so I tuned over to PBS. The show is hosted by actress Renee Russo, and is about a master woodworker named Sam Maloof. OH MY GOSH, what absolutely GLORIOUS work! Don't know how old this show is; it mentioned that the master was around 90 years old, or was when the show was filmed. Most well-known for rocking chairs, he'd built them for Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, but he does other furniture, too. If you admire the unsurpassable beauty of something made WELL out of wonderful wood, try to find this show and have a look....the house he built himself is a masterpiece unto itself, but the close-ups of some of the pieces are beyond description in their beauty....

If you are able to see this....ENJOY!!!


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