I finally found my dwarf a buddy!

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Aug 18, 2003
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Alberta, Canada
I have been looking around for awhile now and I finally found a new buddy for my dwarf, Big.

Please met Ferd the goat!!

I was so picky and I have most likely been out to at least 5 different places looking at goats and been e-mail even more people asking about them.

I really wanted to get the right goat for Big. I needing something that was gentle, non-aggressive (especially around food), didn't bunt, preferably a male, and got along with horses..Well that is Ferd in a nutshell.

He is a pygmy and 3 years old. He is a single goat right now, but does and visits my neighbor’s pygmies a few hours in the veneing until we find another goat.

At first he was pretty upset calling out and the only way he would be quit was if I sat out there with him...needless to say I am very sun burnt!

He is a vet sweet boy! He did however give me a mini heart attack tonight. I went out to check on Big and him. I had the flashlight and was shinning it in the pen. All I could see where Bigs eyes in the back shelter corner. I called out to him and this guy just loves human attention so he is usually right at the gate to meet you.

Still there was nothing. So I started to walk along the fence line scanning the pen, STILL I could see nothing! I thought to myself "OH NO! He some how got out!!!???"

Then all the sudden I saw a flicker of eyes from the flash light and lone behold Ferd's head popped up from behind Big! They were in the shelter cuddling right next to each other!! It made me so happy.

Big is just such a happy camper with him around. If I am not out there Ferb with follow Big around. It like Big is showing Ferb the ropes. They even were sharing their apples and carrots today!

Just thought I would share!



He is cute and I do love goats but I'm just wondering if the horns aren't a little dangerous. I had goats and had to keep the horned ones away from the horses. I've heard and in fact have seen, a goat and horse form a very tight bond.
Congratulations on finding Big a buddy, and finding Fred the right goat. I to would

wonder about the horns. But I don't know anything about Goats. So I am just

wishing you well them both.


I'm so glad you found Big a buddy! He will be so happy with Fred!
Here's some ((((((Angel Hugs )))))) for Big & Fred!

Very cute...would like to see Big too! I have horned pygmys in with my mini's also and no problem.
well, I had a little pgmy goat in with my mare, and when that thing got atacked by a dog, my little mare cried the whole day when he was taken away

But now she has another mini freind on the way, I can gurentee she will fall right in love with him:)

Yes, I know I was not sure about the horns at first, but after going and seeing Ferb at his previous home being kept with 2 minis, 1 mini donkey, sheep, 2 other female pygmies and a 2 year old little girl
running around after him I figured he was the perfect little guy.

Not only was he kep with these guys, but he got along great with them and had no "I'm #1!" attitude.

Yes, he is a whether and I really don't know if he even knows that he has horns.

The first time he met the dog (Our dog is very gentle, but was excited) he just ran around me in circles and didn't know what to do. Poor guy!

I will be watching hime very closely and let you guys all know how he is doing. I will also try to get a photo of him and Big together.

Lucky Big!! He'll bond nicely with his new friend I think. We have horned pygmy goats with our minis & absolutely no problems. The minis are boss! Just recently adopted a young wether who thinks he is a human. Not connecting with the "goats" yet but we hope he will.


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