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Apr 17, 2004
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Shelley Idaho
I lurk around the pony forum in hopes of catching pics you guys post. I love these ponies. I WILL have an AMHR/ASPC horse soon. shhhhhhhh don't tell my husband. I here AMHR Nationals is a great place to buy one.

By the way RFDTV advertised the Pony Congress, does anyone know if RFDTV was there and maybe going show it on their channel?

I would love to see more pictures of your beautiful ponies.

i dont believe rfdtv was there filming but someone filmed parts of it i imagine for aspc. Maybe they can get rfdtv to run it!!! our local news also did a story on congress and it was broadcast here.

Im gonna take pics of patches today and post them. This mare is driving me crazy and is never going to foal
We have about sold all our little horses. We love the B size. Ok Sister what do you have for sale? My husband is going to kill me. And you are close too.. this could be bad.

We are thinking about flying out to Congress next year if we both can take that time off. We are going to R Nationals this year for the whole two weeks... and I am already homesick but we are going with friends from Utah so I should be okay...oh I hope.

Here is my girl - Summertime Plumeria, 43" modern pleasure 02 mare (pictured last year as a 2yr old) I had thought about selling her but the more I think about it, I really just like her too much........

She is a grandaughter of both Raven of Bird Haven and Ramble Ridge Rocket.

and Erica if you do decide to sell her let me know
I love her and I love her lines.

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