How long for mane to grow?!

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Dec 5, 2002
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Haven't been on the forum for a while but I couldn't resist sharing what happened to Rod, when he was clipping for next week-end's show.

He was finishing up clipping our driving mare (yes Connie, it's Ima!) He had her cross tied in the barn, and was just starting to trim along the mane. Regina, our beloved "city cat turned country cat" was sitting on the water heater, looking quite asleep, but actually eyeing the bird flitting around the doorway. When it swooped into the barn, she swooped through the air and caught it, but............landed on the horse's back. I'm not sure who was more startled, Rod or Ima
, You guessed it, the clippers swooped too, and Ima is now lacking a little strip of mane. Good thing she's not in halter, it would be even more obvious than it already is!

We'll be doing some creative hair styling for the show and for Nationals!


Do you think Regina looks very repentant? Ha Ha!
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Oh MY!

Been there, done that!

Monnnnnnnnnnnnnnths it takes, but the good news it is only a couple ( or so ) months before you can gel it down.......

Oh my looks like we will be doing some creative hairstyling at nationals!

Oh wow!

By the photo (not posted when I commented yesterday ?), looks like she has NO mane? I hope that is a illusion?

If it make you feel better I have a horse that I have to trim once a month because her mane and tail grow so fast...on the other side I have a gelding that hasn't grown his tail back in over 6 years and it is just below his hocks now. But he was only a pasture horse with now grooming for most of those six years...has grown about two inches in the past year now that he is out of pasture and back with me. he was at my grandmas for the past 6 years

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