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Aug 4, 2021
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Hello :) New member who will have lots of questions.

I'm from far Northeastern Illinois, last spring my husband and I bought a small 5 acre farmette and expanded the two big horses to four big horses and two minis :oops:

Last October we got Paneer out of the loose pen at Shipshewana, Indiana. He was skinny with just terrible feet. That followed with Chutney out of the loose pen at Kalona, Iowa. He's just a turd ;)

My growing interest is mainly that we found out that Paneer is a lovely little driving horse. We took him to his first show last weekend and he did amazing 🥰 though I am fairly sure it wasn't his first rodeo, so to speak.

I'm a dressage rider who drove a tiny bit in college and I have only the faintest idea of what I'm doing. I'm planning on a clinic this weekend and also shopping for a cart upgrade (yay!!)

That's my little intro, can't wait to ask a hundred questions 😀

Attaching photos of the boys roughhousing (all day every day I swear) and Paneer at the show.


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Welcome! Paneer looks beautiful! Driving is so much fun. You are way ahead of the game with a horse ready to go and your dressage background. Please let us know how the clinic goes. I am hoping to do one here in September. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!
Thanks for the warm welcome!

I forgot to add the collage of little Paneer's transformation. Buying the farm has meant a lot less time to ride but I finally get to fulfill my lifelong dream up upgrading some horses :)


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