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Nov 30, 2002
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My vet mentioned today that Texas just raised the cost of health certificates by 500%. Yes those are the right numbers, that's what she told me. Sure is a big increase for a worthless piece of paper.


Ain't that the truth!!!

I could have bought a lot of stuff

with the money I spent on health certs this year.

NOT ONE TIME did ANYBODY ever ask to see them.

I wonder if they really do prevent anything.

Hope your new construction is going well

Don't get me started on the health certificates.

If they were softer, they should be used for butt wipe.
Outstanding! I was just thinking that I don't pay enough on my property taxes and would like to give more of my hard earned money to the state of TAXas.

So, let me get this straight. A $10 health certificate will now cost you $50?????? That's outrageous and absurd!!!!!!
Who sets the carge for a health certificate in Texas? $50.00 Is outrageous but I thought a vet could charge whatever they wanted. Isn't price fixing against the law?

wildoak said:
My vet mentioned today that Texas just raised the cost of health certificates by 500%.  Yes those are the right numbers, that's what she told me.  Sure is a big increase for a worthless piece of paper.Jan


I'm in agreement, worthless piece of paper...ahem..expensive piece of worthless paper!

Everytime I've been present for a horse getting a health certificate, rarely have I seen the vet actually check anything, except take a quick glance. Some didn't care as long as they had a current coggins!

BTW, I think we pay about $30-$35 for a health cert. here, I think that's pretty much been the norm everywhere I have lived so far.

$10 bucks for a health cert??

I pay $45

But I will say that my vet does take his temp

and checks him over for a few seconds for that $45... LOL

Not so bad if ya only have one horse....

Can't imagine the costs to show several horses....

Most of our vets get $25-$35 for them. Of course, add the farm visit and you are at $65-75.

Added: If 2 or 3 going same time/same place, I can get them all on one at the $35. fee
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I agree with Becky...absurd !!! My vet went up from 15 to 20 this year for a coggins and I do not pay a dime for a health paper, never have in 13 plus years of business. That will probably change soon though, everything else is. My vet does it free.

I think they are ridiculous. Ours are 29 bucks as many that will fit on the page. I had to have one to go to the state fair this year cuz of VS. It had to be within 3 weeks and the vets there at that gate still checked mouths. Now if it was within 48 hours you could drive through. What a pain in the a--! At Wichita they never even looked at them.
You shouldnt complain in Texas at least you dont have to do a brand inspection and get a permanent card at the tune of 33 bucks. If get one just to transport once time its 13 bucks. You have to have one for a sale of a horse 13 bucks. If you travel over 75 miles you have to have one. What possible reason is it for???? Ive never been stopped once, but let me drive without one and bam 300 dollar fine.
Ours went up from $10 to $15...... Coggins is $25.
I agree-a 30 day health certificate is as worthless as teats on a boar hog(as my late husband used to say!!) It is MEANINGLESS. To increase the charge by 500% is unconscienable, IMO-AND, IF it is to be required, it should be within 7 days of whatever the occasion requiring it occurs!

In New Mexico, "permanent"(meaning good as long as the horse is in YOUR ownership)brand inspection papers are $30/equine((I recall when they cost $4!) You are supposed to have brand inspection paperes anytime you move a horse

ANYWHERE, apparently! You can get "one trip/destination", temporary ones for $ .50/animal, plus a trip charge for the brand inspector of $5; however, it can take days to set up an appointment for the brand inspector to come out.
Vets can charge what they want for a health certificate, but the state charges them a fee for each certificate they write. My vet only charged $5 for them (per certificate, not per horse) so I assume that's what the state charged. I guess that means they jumped to $25. As far as I know, the state does not require them. I showed QH for many years and NEVER had to get a health certificate. I think it's an issue we should take up with the AMHA and AMHR clubs. I had a show secretary at an AMHR show several years ago tell me the state required them - I have been to Paint shows since then without them. I don't know of anyone - including the vets - who think they are worthwhile, so maybe it's time to change the show rules and eliminate them.


Added - thought I would double check my facts before I posted, and under Texas EIA statutes and regulations, I did find the following sentence: To be admitted onto an association's grounds a horse must have 1) a current negative Coggins and 2) a health certificate issued within the 45 day period preceding the horse's arrival.

Anyone know if this is correct?
Well when all is said and done, they run about $40. The health paper itself is $19, but then you have to add on the $20 trip charge and so much a min. that they are here.

Oh a coggins to start with is $22.
OK folks here's the scoop on the Texas Health Certificates...

Yes, they are going up. The vets in Texas have to buy their health certificates. They come in a pack of 25 costing the vet $125 for this pack ($5 per certificate). The Texas Animal Health Commission is raising the rates on the certificates and they now must buy them for $750 for the same pack of 25.

Now... a Texas Health Certificate can carry up to 15 horses on these certificates. I would make sure that you put as many of your show horses on these certificates (ask your vet as some want that extra money and will only put one horse on each certificate) that you can. I personally know of a vet here in our area that charges $25 for the first horse and $15 for any additional horses on his certificates. If you have five show horses his certificates would cost you $85. We have another vet (one that I use for my certificates) charge us $15 for the certificate and I can put all 15 horses (if I had that many on my show string) on one certificate for that one price. He now will be going up to $25 for that same certificate. Still a good bargin for me.

Any show animal or animal moving around must have a health certificate and yes the Animal Health Inspectors can show up unannounced anytime at a show and ask to see your paperwork (it happened twice at our club shows down in Glen Rose Texas) and they can issue fines and impound your animals.

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