GPS for the car?? Any good cheap ones??

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May 5, 2007
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I want to get a gps for our truck. You know the hand held kind. I want to stay in the 200.00 price range. Any thoughts? Target has a Magellian (sp) for 249.00 and a 50.00 gift card. What features should I be looking for?
I can't say if that brand is good or not, as in our Lexus it is a standard feature. But I want to say it is a godsend. Our honeymoon included 28 states and 8300 miles and we always knew where we were going, LOVE THE GPS.
I have a Garmin and I LOVE it, it talks to you (in different languages or accents!) every step of the way so you don't even need to be looking at the GPS map. Mine bought new was $600 but now they're on ebay for around $150.00 and totally worth every penny! I don't leave my house without mine!
ok that was enough to make me want one! And it was enough to make me jealous all in one thread!!!!

minihoof can you give me the model number?? That sounds great!! 150.00 is where I want to be!
The one I have comes in a few different model levels, of course the higher the number the newer the model and more features! I think I have the c340 but I don't remember...they all look the same LOL! The c320 is the one that is below $200 on ebay!

Garmin c320

Garmin c330

Garmin c340

Garmin c350

Those are the models right now. Just go to ebay and type a search for "Garmin GPS" !
I have no experience with them, but just wanted to say that I have been hearing a lot on the news about them. They are the latest "hot" item for theives, and many, many cars have been broken into to have their GPS systems stolen, so they say to make sure you hide them out of site or take them with you when you leave your car unattended.
I couldn't live without mine........I use it for work on a daily basis. Mine is not hand held, it's mounted on my dash, but is removable and I only leave it in my car for short periods.

The main thing to look for is to make sure you get one that can be updated with new mapping software!

I have a Lowrance and they have a new map software out every 3 or 4 months. You just hook it up to your computer and update it.

The other thing mine does that a lot do not......... I can put in several addresses and it routes me the shortest distance through all my stops. I also have a complete phone book. All of which I need for my job.

Mine is a Lowrance I Way 500C, $800 new, selling now on ebay for 250-300. The next step down is the same as mine with a smaller screen is the 300C and/or 250C they are going on ebay for less than $200.
QVC has a Garmin today for $282 and you can make easy monthly payments of $48. or on TV. It's special price today only. (Saturday 10/6)

I have one that plugs into my laptop so I don't use the Garmin.
My kids got me one for Mother's Day. I have the Garmin and love it! I have the mount so that it can be up on the windshield if wanted or not. It has saved me more then once. It talks to me so I know when it is time to turn. I would not be without it!
My husband uses his laptop with Microsoft Streets and Trips program, comes with a gps thingy and he uses it almost every day. He made a stand, that only costs about $15 or so from Lowes/home depot type stores. He couldn't get to half his jobs without it. He says a 17" laptop screen is easier to see than a 3-4" itty bitty screen.


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