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Feb 3, 2004
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I have been debating whether or not to geld Tango for awhile now. Well I've made my decision and he has a date with the vet on Wednesday.

We will be hauling him to Rainier (Valley Vet) on Tuesday afternoon/evening, he'll get gelded on Wednesday, and be able to come home to a nice bed of straw on Thursday morning.

As you can probably imagine, I'm a nervous wreck. I have never had a horse gelded before so this is all extremely new to me. And as a side note, Tangos' sire died not too long ago from a gelding operation gone horribly wrong. So to say the least, I'm stressing.

I just pray all goes as planned and he comes out of this a new, and still healthy, horse. Please pray for him on Wednesday...

Try not to worry too much
I have had 2 colts get gelded and everything went fine. If I had to it again someday I wouldn't worry.

He'll be fine
i wish you both luck!!

there are so many geldings out there, so they must know how 2 do it, right? so just give your guy lots of love!

quesion: there aren't many mini geldings out there... is this because there is more chance of complcations, owners are lazy, owners don't want geldings or what??

good luck again!!!


ps why are you gelding him? did you want 2 in the first place?
I think you're giving him a chance at a happier life. I know it's not an easy choice. I debated for over a year before I had Derby and Lonesome gelded. Have not regretted it at all!!! And, believe it or not, you have already gotten the hardest part of this behind you. The hardest part is deciding to do it and making the appointment!
With any surgery, human or animal, there is the possibility of complications and something going wrong. However, that is not usually the case. Chances are overwhelmingly in your favor that all will be OK. Good Luck!
I agree with some of the above posts..... The hardest part is making the appointment.

And with any surgery, there is always a risk of complications......The second hardest part is the follow-up and making sure Tango doesn't get any infection or swelling......

BUT knowing what kind of horse mom you are, that should not be an issue! Just keep Tango walking and gently hose off his privates and he will be fine!

It is very rare for dire complications from gelding to occur. I'm sure your boy will be just fine. Make sure you let us know how he is doing on Wednesday and air your fears, we will be here for you!
Try not to worry, we have had several gelded, two just a few weeks ago, and all of them recovered without any complications. Most of the time everything is just fine, and I am sure this will be the case with your boy.

Will be thinking of you both on Wednesday.
Mine were done right on my farm by our vet and, other than the few days of them being mad at me, nothing was out of the norm. I just had to make sure they didn't swell and all, but no troubles.

It's guilt-inducing at the time but the best thing for your horse in the long run. I love my geldings, but watching the operation on Kody was the worst thing ever. Not because the operation itself was so bad but because neither the horse nor I really wanted it to happen!
I LIKED him as a stallion. But ya know, shows are much less exciting events now which is a good thing.

Tango will be much more easy-going once he's had his little operation and you'll both enjoy that. And you're setting a great example for all those mini folk with a surplus of stallions! Good job, Erin.


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