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Nov 27, 2009
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Cameron, NC
when the other section on books were up, there was a thread about children's books or horsebooks...

I was going crazy - remembered a book called "Pony Farm" but didn't know who it was by or illustrated by. The story itself is pretty simple, but LOVED the illustrations in it. THey weren't by Sam Savvitt.

I was searching some books again this am, and FOUND IT!!!

It IS called Pony Farm. It's by Nancy Caffrey and illustrated by Paul Brown. Nancy has many books about ponies/horses and Paul Brown has illustrated quite a number of them. Also, he has illustrated for other people and done stand alone illustrations and paintings/prints.

YAAAYYYY!!! Now wish I could afford the hardback copy currently for sale (I read it as a soft cover from a school library) - costs more than a lot of my real pony purchases have been.
So glad you were able to find it! I HATE when I can't find a book I really want, it just eats at me.
Just keep looking for it, one day you might come across a bargain copy in good shape. I did for a book I was looking for.
I have that book. Bought it at a library book sale many years back. (and probably for a dollar or two). I have been trying to purchase books in that era. They are from my grade school and tween/teen years. Also by Nancy Coffey, I have Pony Duet. Here are some other good authors from "back then" if anyone wants to look them up: Betty Cavanna (Spurs for Susanna and a couple others), Lynn Hall (the P.O.A. "Dragon" series), Jean Slaughter-Doty (LOTS of good ones, especially 'the Monday Horses'), McIlvanie (the 'Cammie' series-but $$), Frost (the 'Windyfoot' series), Patsy Gray (LOTS-Starbright, Showring Rogue, etc.), Dorothy Lyons ('Bluegrass Champion', and one of my favorites: the 'Silver Birch', 'Midnight Moon' and 'Golden Soveriegn' series), harder to find U.K. series by K. M. Peyton (marvelous writer)-'Fly By Night' and 'The Team' and the Pennington series and the Flambards series (which they did the tv shows of), and Doris Gates "A Morgan for Melinda". Of course, there's more, but those are a lot of wonderful horses stories for youth (and youth-at-heart) like just aren't written anymore. I know I have found a good number of these books still offered through Amazon though. Would love to spend spend spend LOL!
See if you can find it at I recently bought miniature horses their care breeding and coat colors there used for $40. (Always wanted that book!)
Paula, found a book about Paul Brown on Amazon, its called "Paul Brown: Master of Equine Art". Sounds like it lists the books he's illustrated over the years.
OOOOO - thanks for posting! I LOVE the lynn Hall series with Dragon (and now have all 4 of them in hardback). I "haunt" different areas for books - not just amazon, but also Etsy, eBay and then private, online bookstores... Most of what I've gotten in the last two years have been used, but not all of them.

I love the "older" western style genra (of HORSE BOOKS) as well. And in researching those I found quite a number of new authors (to me) as well as books I'd love to own but are considered "collectors items" and right now most of the time (but not always) out of my reach pricewise.... Hmm, my computer wont' let me access the word document I set up with the names of those authors and the titles they wrote. Several were out of Canada.

Has anyone read "A Sporting Proposition"? Readers digest changed the name and it became a Disney movie as well - "Ride a Wild Pony" - set in Australia.
I really enjoyed "Working Trot" - story of a teenage boy working with his uncle's horses on Dressage. Pretty sure it is by Jesse Haas
I have read and have the book "Sporting Proposition". Also have read "Working Trot" and really liked it. I will have to add that one to my 'hope to buy' list. Disney's version of "Sporting Proposition" with the name change reminds me of another book I have called "Run Wild Run Free" which is a completely different story. It's about a boy on the moors with problems with speech and more and an old moorsman and his kestral and a white pony and how they all come together to make the boy come whole.

Have you saw the Disney movie (old) "The Horsemasters", which has Annette Funicello in it? I have the original story in paperback of that.
No hadn't seen the movie but had heard the title as a book (The Horsemasters).

Run Wild Run Free also sounds like a book I'd enjoy.

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