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May 27, 2005
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Hi Everyone - a newbie here with a question.

First a quick intro.

My name is Michele and I live in New Zealand with my two daughters, husband
, two minis and two ponies and one beautiful dog.

Our new little filly who we purchased as a weanling is now a yearling. It is just tuned spring here and she has just been in season for the first time.
She has changed from being a fiesty but sweet little girl, to a nasty little beasty.

She is our first baby horse and our first female horse too..... so, I am wondering if this behaviour is normal.....
She is very touchy and would prefer to be left alone, Her belly and rear end are the most sensitive.

Thanks ~ Michele

First, hello!! Glad you are here.

My thoughts would be that she sounds to be very sore. Sometimes their ovaries can be quite tender and or have a cyst.....but just plain old swollen & sore seems more likely. Have you seen her rubbing or any of the others mounting her? It is something they sometimes do, even if all mares. On occassion a gelding will be able to maintain an erection and penetrate.

Have any horse aspercreme? Even plain aspirin crushed in some applesauce and see if it seems to help. It can iritate stomachs just as in humans, used longterm, but if she were mine I'd give a dose a try and watch for results in an hour or 2.

If not sensitive before her cycle, I'd suspect this situation as the reason. If it has been a long cycle, she may also have a follicle that won't release. Again, tender.

Your vet would be the best source for a certain diagnosis, my comments are only my own thoughts from what you post and I know you are just looking for such input from others to consider as in a possible "brainstorming". If she begins to show extreme pain, and looks to colic, she may have a more serious situation going on. For this reason, I did not suggest any longer term or more altering pain med -- to be better able to see if there is increased discomfort and not mask them.

I hope she does better and that you find the cause. Keep us updated on her, please. We always care about their outcome.

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