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Oct 1, 2020
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Altus, SW Oklahoma
The only practical access to my horse is through a 15 ft farm gate.
This fell off its hinges some time ago, and so I tied the hinge side up with rope pro temp.
It is now too rickety to open without risking a fall.
The landowner mentioned the local volunteer fire service may have played apart in its demise during a practice controlled burn they connducted.
Finally, I offered to buy a gate if the firemen would fix it up and the post it hung from which is fractured.
I knew it would not be cheap. The lightest duty 16 ft gate was getting on for $200 but I was glad to pay. I cannot load a hay bale into the pasture
unless the gate is replaced, Next weekend should see a new gate in place. Thank Goodness!
What a great solution. Unfortunate that they firemen wouldn't replace the damage they caused themselves, but if this is feasible for you, then that's an awesome way to solve the problem!

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