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Aug 17, 2003
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I'm looking for some good reference materials to study about equine photography that explain and teach the fundamentals, techniques, etc.? Perferably for Arabians, but any breed will do. Books, videos, websites, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've seached the web with not much luck. Thanks for any help.
You have addressed a subject I am interested in as well. Apparantly no one, just like us seems to know of any printed material. Wish I could follow Liz McMillan around for a week or two. She is the number one ACE of horse photography, including the many Arabian photographers in my book. I used to be in Egyptian Arabians, but Liz seems to pull the magic out of the horses she photographs.

I think the main ingredient is knowing what looks really good to start with, and practice. Knowing horse conformation is the key ingredient, and with minis, I have noticed the better photos are taken from being lower to the ground with your camera.

If you find anything out, would appreciate it, if you would email me, and I the same with you.

I haven't found any books, but there is a great site you can explore: www.equinephotographers.org

You can become a member free for a few weeks, but you have to pay to become a general or professional member. There are lots of pro photographers who post there and they provide much information. There is another site but I can't remember the name of it right now.

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