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Edgeman CDE mini cart with harness for sale + training cart

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Feb 28, 2019
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Oregon City
My 19 year old minis have retired - time to sell equipment:
Really nice green Edgeman CDE mini cart I competed in several times. Rides and turns well. Comes with both short and long shafts.
High quality Zilco Biothane mini CDE harness with harness bag.
1 easy entry training cart.
Located in Oregon City, OR.
Pictures and price?

Hi, I am traveling on the east coast now and won't be home for another 10 days. I will post pictures.
I am asking $1,200.00 for the Edgeman CDE cart. The CDE Biothane harness: I need to research its value.
I am asking $300.00 for the easy entry training cart.
Please do email me if I don't get back to you within 2 weeks.

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