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Dec 28, 2007
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Lake City, Florida
I was so tired this AM after being up for two nights with foaling, that I just dragged my butt around feeding horses this AM and did not take the time to go in and play with the new filly. Last night when I went inside she was still wet and looked like a bay. (still a filly, I checked)
I Came out this afternoon, brought her outside to take pictures and-------I think she is a buckskin!!





Dad is a palomino, mom is a bay pinto.
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It's hard to say, she *is* really light. The colt I bought from Erica (Streakin for Bucks) looked like a bay as a baby but ended up being a smutty buckskin. I think you are either going to have to wait and see what she ends up doing, color-wise, or jump the gun and get a creme test done on her. She sure is pretty!!
She's lovely! I would guess a bay, but am wondering if a silver gene may be popping up from somewhere? Although those grayish hairs could just be baby fuzz at this point.
She is beautiful and my guess is also that she's bay, but like Lori says, sometimes they start out looking bay but are really buckskin. AND, sometimes they stay looking bay but are buckskin... Erica has a buckskin pinto BTU son who "looks" bay but he's sired double dilute foals and is actually buckskin
The first colt ever born here was that colour at birth but he is quite obviously buckskin now. I'd guess buckskin but only time will tell for sure.
What a cutie. I had a little filly that looks like she is a very light bay but could lighten up very much like your little girl. Yours is definetly lighter than mine at this point, looks buckskin or maybe silver bay?


Pretty filly.... I have a filly that was born Monday night and I am wondering the same thing, Bay or Buckskin. Both sire and dam are Smutty Buckskins. My filly looks almost the same color as yours.
It's hard to know for sure without testing, but she looks bay, and I agree with those that said they also suspect silver...I saw the smokey mane hairs too.
Very pretty filly, I have a little colt that is going on a year old in May, I bought him from someone and he was temp. registered as a palomino when he was younger, come to fined out when he got a little older he is a silver buckskin.
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she is cute and I hope she is a buckskin. I have a new APHA colt that is the same color with gray legs and nose out of a Black tovero stud and a buckskin AQHA mare. I sure hope mine is a buckskin. LOL.
As she appears to have an eel stripe, I'm going to say buckskin or at least bay dun.

Whatever - she's lovely!