Does anyone know pedigree?

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Sep 28, 2003
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I wondered if anyon would have some extended pedigree on Hillswicke Royals Betsy? Or Hillwicke Royals Betsy?


An elderly breeder near here has been trying to get pedigree on this Shetland mare. She contacted AMHR/ASPC but they won't give out info on someone elses horse. This lady has difficulty communicating as she is deaf. (We speak by fax) <g>

Anyway, we appreciate any help.

Thanks. Have a great day!

11-18-04 Hi Joanne: Official name is Hillswicke Royal's Betsy. Sire: Hillswicke Royal by Hillswicke Orpheus (a 15/16 brother of Hillswicke Oracle according to the Pony Record Magazine of May 1962) X Mamie's Red Lady Superior. Her dam is O'Neil's Miss Cookie by Crim's Gipsy Topper's Gold Man (goes back to Larigo's Topper) X Baker's Miss Cookies. Hope this helps and that I didn't write it in a too confusing way. Ta, Shirlee
Thank you so much Shirlee!! You have been a great help! I love to get the pedigrees extended on my own minis & had come to a dead end on this one as well as many more. But when Virginia was trying hard to get this pedigree, I finally thought of posting the forum! I am just thrilled to be able to extend pedigrees on several of my horses just through your help. Thanks again! Have a great day!


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