Disinfecting Foaling a Foaling Stall FOR MARTY

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Nov 30, 2002
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Marty brought this up!

Larry is the ummm....KING of the pressure washers around here. He mixes bleach with water and sprays all of our foaling stalls....when he's home.

When he is NOT home, I take a big bucket of bleach water and a MOP and wash down the floors, walls, support beams, even the buckets....everything a newborn may want to experiment with orally and thoroughly scrub and douse. Then I air dry the stall out.

Not sure which method is best......

I use a garden sprayer to spray the bleach water mix. I think the water can get into the cracks & crevices better that way (over mopping or wiping).
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That's good MaryAnn, thanks.

All I have done so far was to take a spray bottle of bleach water and spray the walls down in there and also lysol. I was worried about getting that old plywood walls soaked because that old barn is in such bad shape. I do have it dusted out with the leaf blower and trying to keep things nice for my baby and Holly. I'll get a mop to the walls in there too. Thanks for thinking of us.

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