Could this be considerd abuse?

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Jun 3, 2004
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They have no shelter just cruched assfault and cement to walk on no grass jst think woods........They are feed nice and all but I never rode they are both good horses i pet them and somtimes bring um a carrot ot 2? They had HORRIBLE split hoves till today they finally got them clipped but i know they will end up messed up and split agin! There is not fresh watter just a pond and then a watter trouf filled up but it has NEVER been clean to my knowldge it is muckyu and horrible with rusty content cumming up from the walls! I am hopping this is considerd abuse so I can get them a better home! One of the horses is AQHA and one of the most GORGEOUS horse! They are normal looking not rally fat ither??

ALso they keep names anoymas if you report!

That could be abuse by my standards but usually according to law if they have food, water, and shelter, there is then no abuse.

But I don't really know, the law vary from state to state so maybe KK would know.
I believe Conroe TX falls under the jurisdiction of the Houston ASPCA. You might contact them and tell them of your concerns. Also there is a well-established horse rescue in TX that might be able to give you some information and help:

Lone Star Equine Rescue

Robin C

CMHR Southeast Regional Director

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