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Apr 19, 2005
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I am trying my very hardest to learn what good overall conformation in minis looks like. I want to start off by seeing some pictures of horses with good conformation and then learn why they have good conformation. If you have pictures of a horse with excellent conformation I would love to see! If you could also include why their conformation is great that would help me a ton! Thanks in advance!
Me too!!!
Since I have been reading this forum talking about my own horses comformation I find myself studying all my minis conformation. If I had some pics of horses with good conformationto go off of I would have alot better Idea of what good comformation is. Please you knowledgable people show us some fine horses.
Probably the reason no one is posting is beause everyone knows that all horses have faults and are afraid to post what they think is "awesome." And that's mainly because "awesome" to some may be "ho-hum" to others. You just need to study the standard and decide what YOU think is awesome. I like to first look at the whole package and if that's appealing and balanced, then I look at the pieces and decide which faults I can live with or correct with breeding. It takes a long time of looking but at the end of the day YOU have to be the one to look at the horse and if you like it....then it's "awesome."

It's also a personal opinion situation too. I personally like a VERY highly set neck. I know other people who like them set lower, like a QH or hunter's might. I also love looooongggggggg legs. Other people like them a little more proporinate. Some folks want a table top croup. I like a little shape. Neither is "right" or "wrong", they're just different.

I'd suggest decide what type of Mini you like best (stock breed, NSH, Arab, TB, whatever) and then go look at big horses with that type. Study, discuss, analyze, compare, then bring it all back the Minis.

Also remember that there's a difference between "pretty" and "well-made". A horse can be correct and well-built, but still manage to be homely. And a horse can be "pretty" and have some conformational defects.
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Thank you, you made very good points, I didn't really make it easy for people to answer LOL! I think what I was asking was, for example, what a nice shoulder looked like, or what a good proportioned head looks like, ect. I know everyone has their own opinions and such but people are always saying, "that horse is deffinatly not stallion material" or "I would not show that horse" and some of the time I have no idea why they are saying that! If someone can just show me a picture of their favorite, and in their opinion, well built horse and tell me WHY they think the horse looks good or has a good -blank- thats exactly what I'm asking for (kind of like critiquing your own horse
)! If you everyone is not comfertable with that, however, then are there any good books or websites about conformation?

Thank you all so much, I'm just so lost when it comes to conformation LOL!
[SIZE=14pt]There was a post on here at the beginning of the week or maybe end of last week with line drawings over the pics.... Nootka I think started it. I have a mare that I think is pretty close to perfect and a stallion too so here they are.[/SIZE]

New Hopes Carbon Copy.could be cleaner under the neck, it is a bit thick at the base.


Michigans Man of Steel. Perfection to me.


also Sillouette has a great neck set although pulled a little straight out here and a good but not fabulous shoulder.


Does this help any?

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Here's a favorite of mine.
This was MY 28" of perfection.


He was about 15 and just pulled from the field & groomed up in this pic.

This is Indian Snow, sire to the boy in my avatar, "Junior".
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wow!"MY" is nice for just pulling out of his field!!I normally add intot he picture posts but wee doesnt have the conformation quality i amsure oyu are looking for!!HEHE!
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I hope people will notice my words before they notice I posted pictures!!!!




I'd like to half way answer this request. I'm posting first a picture of my first miniature horse, Eclipse, whom I still own, love and enjoy -- no intentions of parting with this boy. When I bought him, I truly would have told you his conformation was near perfect. I bought him in 1999. Now, I could list many things that I'd fix if I ever find my magic wand:


Then next here is one of the horses who is a more recent part of my life, Destiny. Please, no critiquing him
I'm probably his biggest admirer. What I wanted to do was show how a truly honest opinion can evolve over time, for whatever that may be worth


What one person feels is "perfect conformation" or "near perfect conformation" is based on so many things and can change a lot as more is learned, or just tastes change, etc.
Here he is as a weanling with Mom


And here he is as a two year old (Now). The other horse is also Very nice, didn't get the whole shot of him.

What one person feels is "perfect conformation" or "near perfect conformation" is based on so many things and can change a lot as more is learned, or just tastes change, etc.
Jill you are soooo right! My tastes and direction have changed alot since first getting into mini's. I still try so hard not to be barnblind and pick out their faults.

I do want to say that Chasta (my daughter-Chazzy on the forum) was in the junior judging that they have been having at AMHR Nationals for the past two years and they gave her a rule book along with some informational material (confirmation, color, what judges are looking for, etc...) to go along with this class. OUTSTANDING MATERIAL! I have read and reread several times and I use it as a reference book. Alot of times I see a horse and I know something is not quite right in a certain area or a way of movement but can not pinpoint the exact problem. I will come home and pour over this little guide and it really does help. I am looking forward to Chasta being in the junior judging again this year, I hope they come up with some different hand outs.
As everyone said, every horse has their faults.

This is one of our favorites

Buckeye WCF Classical Elegance


My plain brown wrapper, two year old miniature show filly, Cay-Lee's Celebrianna. Her dam Cay-Lee's Blazin Beauty was retired from the show ring as a grand champion winner at AMHA shows.


My favorite of our three shetlands, our yearling filly, Buckeye WCF Classical Acappella ( her sire is Grahams Little King Lee pictured in Getitia's avatar)
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[SIZE=14pt]Hey Mike, I just wanted to say I dont believe in Karma so Im not afraid... and two of the three horses I posted as examples have already been National top 5 horses.[/SIZE]

I think everyone is right, all horses have a fault or two or ten. I do not think a National Champion makes it a awesome, perfect horse. Not all the perfect horses are in the show ring, and the ones in the show ring do not compete against each other many times. JMO

But horse for horse, and this is just my opinion, from head to toe, go look at Getitia's web site and you will see a number of horses that are as close to perfect as you can get. PLUS they are wonderful on the eyes.

[SIZE=14pt]I do agree with Carolyn Getetias horses are near perfection as any I know. I bought Steel from her . I wasnt being cocky here posting my own but since we arent allowed to post those owned by others I put up the best I had. There is no such thing as a perfect horse but some come closer to it than others and I do feel like if a horse goes back year after year to Nationals and places well it is a pretty good barometer of their quality since there are 3 different judges not counting the futurity judge which makes it 4 every year.[/SIZE]

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These are gorgeous horses! I know it's a confusing thread and maybe even bad luck (strass hehe) but it's exactly what I need! Thank you all so much for these pictures, you should be very proud of your horses!
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