Cole,Lovely and Kasey are home!

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Oct 19, 2004
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Wow, I've never gotten three new horses in one day. Everyone has settled in.

I had only seen Cole(RHA Unforgettable Locomotion) a few times before yesterday. He is amazing. If all goes well in the next few years he will continue to show halter and then I have a very special trainer in mind for his driving training. I was watching him yesterday trot across the pasture and he is just amazing.

His half sister Lovely(RHA Lovely Locomotion) is so cute and tiny. Yesterday evening we went out to see the horses and my friends two year old daughter went in with us to see Lovely and she hugged and kissed her. It was so cute.

Kasey(Sweetwater's Why Two Kay) (Lovely's dam) is one gorgeous mare. A beautiful red bay and also, very sweet. She's bred back to Lovely and Cole's sire Kickapoo's Nickelodeon.

These three have settled right in like they have lived here all their lives.

We want to thank Bob, Pam & James Walsh(Rocking Horse Acres) for all their help and for allowing us to purchase these incredible horses. Especially, to James for an exceptional show year with Cole. We do hope to have Cole back with James next year.

I will figure out how to do pictures later this week.

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Congrats! It must be wonderful to have them home with you now. Rocking Horse Acres definitely is producing some lovely horses.
I"m a fan of Rocking Horse Acres, have been for years. You did really good and I want to congratulate you on all three of your new horses. I can only imagine what success is out there waiting for you! Best wishes.
[SIZE=14pt]Bet you are glad they are home.... I cant wait to see updated pics.[/SIZE]

I'm just a fan of Nickelodeon- always loved that horse- throws lovely foals, too!!!
Hey Kim...glad you got your new guys home...cant wait to see pics. I watched James at the Eastern Championship Show...he does a great job showing and their horses (RHA)...were gorgeous....Nickelodean really is doing a great job for them.


I already knew ya got them home of course
I can't wait to see updated pictures and hear all about how much you are enjoying those horses!

I just today sent off my contract to have two of my Erica boys brought home come October... Nervous and excited all at once, as you know!
Thanks everyone- I will get pictures on here soon.

I'm a Nikki fan as well. I now have 4 Nikki babies and 1 on the way.

I only live 1 hour and 20 minutes away from RHA. I think my husband is ready to move so we are a bit further. LOL

I still can't help but just stare at Cole. He is a dream come true. He's a big kid and likes to play tag with one of his brothers. He still doesn't get that he is on vacation. He thinks when he is turned out it's play time. All of my guys have paddocks with run in sheds. They have individual areas to eat grain,etc. and then go out in their paddocks for hay. He'll get the hang of it.

Lovely has just torn at my heart strings. She has got to be the sweetest filly I have ever been around. Just want to hug her all the time.

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