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Dec 2, 2002
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Hello everyone. Just a quick update and a HUGE thank you to some forum members!

First, MiniV.... Once again you have done a wonderful job! I can not thank you both enough for caring for Joy and bringing Joy to her new foster home in Arizona!

Smlotsocats (aka Stacy).... Thanks for fostering Joy for us. I know that she will be in great hands.

Ok, now for the update on what we know today.

Yesterday Joy arrived at Stacy's (smlotsocats) home. Joy is settling in nicely after having traveled from Alaska to Arizona! What a long trip, and it was a very important on for Joy as well. You see, Joy was a rescue in Alaska in which the owner and her vet had fought to save her life. Joy was so neglected that thrush has severly damaged her legs and for sure one coffin bone is gone according to the xrays that we have at this time. I want to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that the young lady that turned Joy over to us is the one that rescued Joy from the neglect that caused her injury! This wonderful lady put many many hours into getting Joy's feet condition somewhat stable, but the damp weather in Alaska is a HUGE issue! This young lady called on CMHR to help and only gave Joy to us so that we could try to get her into a very dry climate where she might have a chance to battle the thrush that is causing such great harm.

According to the Stacy, you can smell the odor from the foot problems without even picking up her feet. And at least one foot may benefit from Magic Shoes as well. Stacy has set up a vet appointment with her vet for late this week. We will see what happens from there.

And like usual, the forum members pulled together and made her trip happen! So without wasting any more of your time, Here are a couple of pictures taken of Joy right after she arrived in AZ!



Please keep Joy in your thoughts in the days ahead. I feel in my heart that this is not going to be an easy battle, so thoughts and prayers will definately be needed in the days ahead.
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I do hope little Joy can find peace and comfort in her new home. I know there are a lot of people that wish it for her.

She is very sweet looking and it is sad she's already endured so much. I also hope her healing is easy, she deserves it.

And thanks to everyone who worked together to get her some help!

I have known for some time that Larry and Maryann are very generous and kind people, indeed.

Liz M.
My gosh, she is so sweet. How anyone can neglect or abuse these small wonders just fries my A**. Thank God someone found her and saved her and thank God for the rescue. Please keep us updated. Praying for all involved, mostly darling Joy. May she end up with a life packed full of it!
MaryAnn is always there when she's needed. I love that fine lady.

Now Stacy, you have your work cut out for you. I already said a little prayer for you that you will have the strength to help little Joy out through her darkest times while undergoing any treatment she may need. Stacy you are so generous to take on this little Joy in your heart and in your home.

Godspeed to you all.
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Oh that poor little thing. God bless everyone who did, and is doing everything they can to help that beautiful little mare.
She's a lovely little girl and, thanks to her original owner and to Stacey, and to CMHR, hopefully she will get the chance to bring Joy to others!!
Everyone, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Nila, thank you so much for posting the update. I have not only received TWO rescues this week, Joy and Missy, but I also got the stomach flu which I haven't had in nearly 10 years! There hasn't been much time to come to the forum!!

Anyway, Joy has settled in here as if she has been here for years! She is quite the charachter. Her rear legs are painful but she still has the will to want to go out for a walk which I am not going to do until I get clearance from my vet. I am VERY concerned about her rear hooves.

I will continue to show new pictures of her recovery and progress as we go along. She is such a happy little horse despite all these problems, much like my little Dusty!

Thanks again for your support!

Stacy, Dusty and Joy!
Thanks so much for posting, Nila. And the photos are great. Seeing her brought tears to my eyes.......You have no idea how fond we got of that little girl during the month she lived with us.

"Joy" is such a character and so very very loving, I can't imagine anyone NOT loving her. And I can't imagine anyone abusing or neglecting such a loving affectionate little being! Apparently the girl in Alaska resued her standing in foot deep mud and badly underfed. What's also amazing is that after that kind of treatment, she still is so trusting and loving to us humans.

Joy didn't really need to be on a lead line for me to pick up each foot for picking and dousing with the iodine....She also comes when she's called (and will even answer you!) and allows you to lead her around by just a few hairs of her mane.

Obviously I miss her very much and made Larry call me when he delivered her to Stacy with a complete rundown on how it went. He let me know that Joy is probably at the absolute best home she could possibley have!

Bless you Stacy! And blessings to all involved in the entire rescue.

Maryann aka MA
My heart goes out to all of you who helped this little mare - she sure looks like a real sweetheart!!! You guys are wonderful for what you've done!
Here is another update...

I took this straight from an update email that Stacy sent me. I hope Stacy doesn't mind me posting this here... I figured it would save her a lot of headache typing it out a second time, especially since today Stacy will be visiting her vet with Joy to get Joy on a recommended course of treatment.

Oh, by the way, yesterday when I got home, poor Joy was very hot. She was sweaty under her thick coat and was breathing fast.  It was around

75 degrees which is cold to us but she was very hot despite a breeze.  I

went ahead and clipped her and she felt so good afterwards!  When I put

her back she actually tried to buck in her stall! I have a blanket that

I put on her that is a little small but not too bad.  I will order her

a new one next week.  Today is almost 80 outside, I'm glad we did it. 

Courtney went over at noon and gave her a bath with warm water, dried

her with a towel and then put a fleece sheet on her. She had a lot of

dirt mashed down to the skin that you couldn't even see through all that

fur!  I curried her real hard this morning and she was just about

crawling all over me to do it harder!  Her mane and tail was very dirty and

greasy to touch but Courtney called me here at work and said she is

sparkling clean now!  Maybe she will smell better now!  Don't worry, she

will be plenty warm with all the blankies I have for Dusty.  He has

several outfits!  I will get her her own things though, you know, girly

stuff! I have a little hood too that I think will fit her if it gets too

cold but that usually doesn't happen until the end of January.  She'll

be furry again by then. She was very toasty under her jacket this

morning. She looks like a different horse under that polar coat!  She

actually has a long neck and spindly long legs.

Dusty showed her how to flip her little buffet feeder over!  I had to

tie his to the fence but he still manages to get it at least sideways.

He only had to show her one time. This morning, her feeder was

completely upside down!  I will have to tie hers up as well now
As you can tell, Stacy is taking wonderful care of Joy, even though Stacy has been ill with the flu. (Thanks Stacy!)

Here are some pictures that Stacy sent along with the emails from yesterday:

Here is Joy right after her bath. Look at the adorable braiding job on her mane! And you can just see that she knows she is a little princess. Look at the big horse drooling over her in the background! LOL.


This one is a picture of Joy in her HUGE stall! Looks so sunny and cozy.


And this one, well, look at the buffet. How cute is that! Joy has an Apple treat on the left side of the picture to entertain her, and the buffet to make it comfortable to eat her food is off to the right. I would have to say that Joy is being treated like royalty. What a grand Palace for a little horse!
And can you beleive that Joy is not the only one that gets this royal treatment? All I can say is WOW.


Well, that is all for now. We will keep posting updates as we can.
I was so glad to finally see a update about Little Joy. I have been wondering how she was doing. I was the one who she was orginally going to be coming to stay with in Georgia, but then the board decided to go ahead and let her stay in Arizona. I think she has found a wonderful place to live and a wonderful new mama to love her dearly. Great Job Mama.............

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