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May 17, 2007
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My new filly is about 12 days old. She had a case of diarrhea due to the mare's foal heat. Baby is fine, playing not weak, etc. She is just a mess from the diarrhea. On the back of the legs, tail, etc. What is the best way to clean her up? I tried just water but it's not coming off. I didn't want to put any harsh shampoo on her. How about baby shampoo?
Baby shampoo would be fine, also ivory hand or dish soap is mild. What ever you use, make sure to rinse it off very well. Then, apply vaseline or diaper rash ointment to the area to sooth the irritated skin.
I use baby wipes or mild dish soap.

Biosponge, probiotic paste, pepto and electrolites are my best friend when it comes to the foal runs.


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