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Dec 11, 2002
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The 2008 Classic Shetland Stallion Sweepstakes is accepting bids on the following stallions:

D&S Tom E Hawk

Spirits Rock E Twister

Fairfields Cold Cash

Royal Red Viking

B&L’s Rock “E” Colonel Sunday

B&L’s Rock “E” Best Dressed Man

Willowlawn’s Mr Unique

Rhapsody’s Zorro

Moose Meadow Te-Bone

S&B Stand-N-Deliver

Springer Farms Power Surge

Harbrooks Mo-Mischief

Queen’s Ebony Jet

Happy Hooligan OK

B&L’s Rock “E” Pilot Lite

There’s a stallion for everyone, whether you’re looking for a traditional Classic, a little extremity to add to your herd, color, popular bloodlines, Hall of Fame inductees, double papered Shetlands, or Congress Champions!

Currently, the 2008 auction’s purse is already HIGHER than any purse before! Don’t miss out on the chance to win some real money at the 2010 Congress!

Classic Sweepstakes - listed stallions (please click on each stallion’s name to take you to their individual page!)

Sweepstakes Rules - rules
Can you find out from the owner about the disposition of a stallion for me? I am wondering about Happy Hooligan. WHat is his disposition like? Does he like to show?

Oh - what type mare would you breed to him for maximum effect of his beauty?

You can PM me the info if you have it!

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