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Nov 9, 2004
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My one year old rescue cat started peeing on my fairly new furniture-recliners and sofa-she's scheduled to be spayed May 1.......could the peeing be related to her homone level-she's been going in and out of heat for a few weeks-or just bad behavior?? Or UTI? Short of caging her, any suggestions to help her stop?
Rule out a medical condition first. Take your cat to the vet ASAP.
My first thought would be a UTI - it hurts to urinate, so she is associating the litter box with something painful and choosing to go elsewhere. For her sake and yours, get her checked ASAP. Even if it is a medical condition that can be corrected, this could lead to a bad habit quickly.

Also make sure your litter boxes are nice and clean if you aren't doing that already.
Ditto to the above......Check to see if the cat has a urinary infection or crystals. We had one of our cats do this and that's what it turned out to be.
Agree with the above, but it could also be hormones. Trying to spread her scent around more. Make sure you clean the spots up really well, and use a product that is particularly designed to get pet urine odors out, or she may keep right on doing it even after the cause has been addressed.
Too keep her off the furniture until you can find out why this is happening.

Large Plastic bags or just spray your perfume or deodoriser might help.

My daughter had a cat that went into heat and every night when she went to bed, she would pee on her pillow or bed, marking her territory, we took her and she never did it with us. Good Luck
I have a male house cat (and a half, as the second is indoor/outdoor cat, he like outside potty). Anyway, before he was neutered I was starting to have problems with him going places other than his box. I discovered two issues with him... 1. getting him neutered was a very good thing and 2. don't change his litter brand, he prefers Fresh Step and if I use something else, he goes somewhere else.

I found out about the litter issue, when I ran out of Fresh Step, and my husband brought be a bag of clay oil dry stuff (looks/feels just like cat litter and many people use it for litter as it can be cheaper than litter). As soon as I used it instead of his regular cat litter, he started going anywhere but his box.

Now that he is neutered and I have a good supply of Fresh Step litter, we haven't had any problems with going outside the box.

Don't forget to be diligent about cleaning the box. A clean box is pretty important to a cat or they'll quit using the box if its too dirty.
Thanks for all the replies. She was just at the Vet's for her pre-surgery check-up-getting spayed May 1. Vet didn't check urine as she said her bladder was empty. She just started peeing on the furniture when she began going into heat. We have 5 cats and 5 litter boxes that are cleaned daily, scoupable litter, baking soda for deoderizer. We've been diligent with the cleaning of the furniture, and have large trash bags enclosing the cushions. Sure wish it was May 1!!!!!!!

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