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Nov 16, 2006
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We're looking to get tshirts made to advertise our farm. We don't breed, what we do is buy(find) ponies, typically POA's but sometimes others, that need work or training. We work with them and then some of the time we rehome them. More often than not they stay here and I end up giving lessons to kids on the ponies that we were supposed to rehome. Anyway, we are getting the tshirst made. I plan to have the name of the farm in a half circle above our logo (a pleasure rider), but underneath want to include some type of slogan. I am completely at a loss for words, which never happens, ha! Something like "POA's for every purpose" or "Ponies for pleasure". Does that sound terrible? Any suggestions would be welcomed!
Either of those sound ok to me. My only suggestion is, "Ponies with Purpose."
Those are awesome! Goodness, now to choose. Any other ideas? There are so many good thinkers on here, I knew this was the place to come for help!
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Passion for POA's!

(We have had them in the past too- love them!)
We Are Proud of Our Ponies

Ponies Produce Smiles

Where Ponies are Popular

Popular, Pleasant, Perfect
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