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Bess Kelly

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Aug 24, 2003
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Not too long ago the buzz was that a large German beer co was to buy ABusch.......seemed fairly decided at that time but, we all know how contracts go and things change.

So, I don't have any issues with the report that the buyers would maintain the breweries and sell off some of the non-profitable portions of the company -- Busch Gardens parks were mentioned. OK, then I think "WHAT about the Clydes?? The teams?? The Ads??"

Well, last night one of their ads -- Hank the young clyde who didn't measure up for the team, a dalmation takes him into training, etc......Rocky theme.....and following year he's matured and accepted.

I just don't think I could drink another Bud if these great ambassadors were disbanded. How heartbreaking would that be? The symbol of that brand. I've seen them in person, one of the traveling teams, that is and what an accomplishment, plus just awesome beauty.

So, anyone heard about the buyout? The horse world could ban Bud? :DOH!

Yes, Bud was bought out....don't know what is going to happen with the Clydes though. I was thinking the same thing when I heard about it being sold....sure hope they don't do away with that....

Yes, Bud was bought out by a Belgium beer company called InBev.

I last heard that the main office would remain in St Louis.....

I would certainly hope that they would not change their program

of keeping and using the Clydes.......

I don't drink beer but the Clydes say beer to me more than the

company name.........
It sure would be sad if they were to do away with the Clydes.

And you are so right those are some beautiful animals. I have had the pleasure of seeing them in action several times. They are breath taking just to look at and pure poetry in motion when they are hitched.
Seems to me I read recently that the new owners had assured them that the Clydesdale program would continue. I think it was in an article last month in a local paper after they were in Calgary for the Stampede.
I just returned from the Iowa State Fair where the Clydes were being exhibited. I spoke with a handler one morning when we were working our horses, he said that it is "quite possibly the last season of the exhibit." The new owners from Belgium are looking at the expenses associated with having the travelling shows versus the profit that is generated by them. Like all things in business, it seems, if there isn't money being made then it will go by the wayside. What a loss it will be if they go away.
I worked at Sea World- San Diego, owned by Anheiser Busch, for 5 years and besides the wonderful sea creatures there, the highlight of my lunch hour was detouring into the Clydesdale stable (right next to the employee lounge
.) They were hitched about once a day- and OH what a spectacular sight they were! I'd hate for them to disappear into the past..
I would be very disappointed as well, if the Clydesdales go.

I don't drink much Budweiser, though, so my "vote" won't count much.

Sadly, I don't think the German company feels much allegiance to what appeals to our patriotic lil' hearts and yet another business goes overseas. It isn't ONLY the money we are losing when this happens.

I hope that comment you heard at the Fair, Adam, was not true...I'll miss them and their advertising.


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