Awwww.........mare aborted.

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Sep 23, 2003
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Got a phone call that a mare had aborted late last night. I went over this morning, (they are in my in-laws pasture) and can't really tell who it was. All butts are dry and clean. What was left of the foal (dogs got it) wasn't much. But there wasn't any placenta left, so not sure if it all came out at the time. What do I need to watch for if there may have been some left in the mare?

Just asking for experiences from you who have been through this. Feel free to PM me.

Just my opinion from experiencing this once before.....I had a mare abort a couple of years ago. When I found her and the baby the next morning, the placenta had been trampled and scattered around. She retained a little bit of the placenta. Had the vet out and he was able to remove it and then put her on antibiotics.
How far along do you think the pregnancy was?

If there was any placenta retained, you will see one of your mares act colicky, so you need to watch them closely for the next few days. And once a mare acts colicky you need to RUSH her to the vet! A situation like that needs IMMEDIATE vet care.

Let's hope that Mother Nature did her job........

I'm thinking the mare was around 5 mos along. The foal had 2 blue eyes.

All were eating good this morning but one did have a trim belly. She is the one that I'm wondering about.

Just a question, can antibiotics be given as a precaution?
Firefall said:
Just a question, can antibiotics be given as a precaution?


You probably should call and ask your vet about that.

I'm sorry you lost a foal

I agree with MA. Too bad you don't know for sure which mare it was, you could take her to the vet to get flushed out and make sure she shed & cleaned well. Always safer than sorry. What has your vet said?
[SIZE=14pt]I agree I would have a vet look at the mare you suspect as having lost her foal. Better to be safe than sorry. 5 months is about half way so there could be complications. Also preborn foals almost always have blue eyes. Even after birth eyes change color. Sorry for your loss.[/SIZE]

I called the vet he said to watch her closely and he thought since there was no sign of any birth from any of the mares that it was probably a clean delivery. He also said to watch for any dark or bad discharge.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

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