Anyone live in NE Georgia

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Aug 24, 2003
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Hi all-

Dave & I are going to take a ride over Labor Day weekend and look around a little bit in NE Georgia. I'm just curious if any of you live anywhere near Clayton. That's just going to be a starting point for us - even Athens area would be good. I'd like to maybe get a mini fix while we are there, plus would like to pick someone's brain about the area up there. Could be a possibility of maybe moving there some day, if not fulltime, maybe for the summers.

Any info would be appreciated.

NO...not NE Ga.....BUUTTT if you are coming up I-75 you got to come through middle Ga. to get there! same if you are traveling 441N let me know if you have time to stop in on your way there or back.

I'll be checking out the atlas - we will be coming up I-75 to Macon and cutting over to 129 (atleast that is our normal way of going). Where is Danville? I would love to meet Glory.

I'm about three hours from Athens straight up Interstate 20 and you're welcome to come visit us, if that's not too far.

Melissa and SCR (I think that's right, Polly) live in or close to Athens. Hopefully they'll see this post and be able to respond.

Have a good trip!
All you got to do is get off I-75 at Perry...where the Agricenter is -(It's about 25 miles from my house to the show grounds.) and take Hwy 96 straight across to I-16, then it's 8 miles east to exit 32. Best thing is, you don't have to go back...just hop on I-16 here and it's 32 miles to Macon to get back on I-75 north. How 'bout that? we can have a little visit.
Visits sound good - will have to see what I can work out. My hubby knows most of our vacations end up with something to do with minis. We were supposed to go to Eastern Regionals and then visit with his family in Ohio, but he got too busy to leave. I have withdrawal really easy.


PS: I'll be in touch.

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