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Yes/No and how many would you be bringing?

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Feb 3, 2004
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I am going to take it for granted that the big farms located in MI would be VERY interested and bring 4-6.

Edited to add:

You would think that the big farms would be pushing for shows so they have more clients to take to Nationals, or are the big farms really busy already?
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The dates would matter alot to us. If you have it against a Mid America show (MAMHC) we wouldn't come. We are MAMHC members and do highpoint. If it was a MAMHC highpoint show we would be more likely to show up.

We like two Judges. Its less expensive than 3 but you still have two chances for a judge to like your horse. I like to be out of the sun most of the time. The Midland show we attended in the past was at a very nice place. I would be afraid of early May or September because it is so far north. Mid to late June would be a good time in this area.
In the past AMHA shows were offered in Midland, Hastings and Ionia I believe all were in combination with AMHR shows. Due to low attendance these shows faded away.
I'd love to see an AMHA show closer to home. It might be tough to get enough horses to make a good show.
No, I would not be interested any more.

The very first show we ever attended with our miniatures was an AMHA show at Midland Michigan. We showed there & then at the Eastern regionals show-- the Julep Cup, Holley, New York etc. -- for 3 years ---then the AMHA brought out a new "rule" -- you had to attend a local show to get to go to the Eastern Regional show-- you could ask for exemption if there were no shows close to you. I did this in March of the year it came into effect -- my letter was passed around to this one & that one & I got a very rude phone call from one gentleman?? who told me that was what I got for "choosing" to live in Canada.

Then, 2 weeks before you had to have your money in for the Eastern Regional, I got a letter telling me I could attend-- now, who has time to get their horses ready for something you have been led to believe you can't attend.

Then, the AMHR shows started up in Ontario & we switched to showing AMHR & are quite happy with the results.

Tony, (himself)but never the AMHA office offered an apology & was sure I could now apply for the exemption & get it. BUT, once you change directions, not often do you reverse -- especially when you are very pleased with the reuslt of the change.

So, no I would not show AMHA in Midland even if it was in conjuction with an AMHR show because it would not have any benefit & is quite costly.

We do still double register all of our foals -- but I would no longer buy just an AMHA horse unless it was something VERY special indeed.

Just my humble and very personal opinion.
stormy said:
In the past AMHA shows were offered in Midland, Hastings and Ionia I believe all were in combination with AMHR shows.  Due to low attendance these shows faded away.

This is true. They showed AMHR one day and AMHA the next. (or visa veras).

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