*A Prayer~ Poem for the Animals*

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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]Our Forum world is crying tonite,[/SIZE]

for friends and people that we don't even know;

some of our own are out there waiting~

for the convoy of help to come down the road.

We know that the animals are suffering,

and die as we are so helpless here,

with our hands that are tied behind us,

all we have is the hope that help is drawing near.

Please don't test our humanity anymore now Lord,

this we pray on thier behalf,

part the deadly waters for them all,

and let them see some hope atlast.

These creatures you have blessed us with,

they just don't understand;

they don't have a voice in any of this,

so please send them an Angel's hand.

For this we beg of you Dear Lord,

for the Angels to lift them up to your hand,

and provide them with your grassy kingdom of peace,

where they will not suffer any longer on this land.

And for those you have chosen to spare for us,

we thank you for stopping some of this sorrow;

please lead them to safety soon,

and let a rainbow come through for them all tomorrow.


Marty Garrison
Very nice words for human and animals in need. I'll light my candle in memory of those lost and for those who will survive. This is just too sad.

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