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Aug 24, 2013
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It'll be a bit out of order, as this first post will be of Kasia's & my first ground driving session!

It went surprisingly well!

Also been months since I've lunged her on a lead, or at all. And we only practiced on the line all of 3-4 times, weeks apart. These are smart girls!!

Anywho, first did some quick line lunging to see where we were. Then moved on to figuring out how to teach ground driving by a greenie, to a greenie. It went great. I need to make a looped rein the right shortness for next time though.

Pics are in order. Some show the stop or a turn, other similar things and then her adjusting her stride to go over the poles w/o touching them, something my gelding refuses to learn! Haha.

I have a strong feeling that she's the rare type you could strap a cart to now and do decent! Lol, but we won't, we will drag things and slowly work our way up.

Don't even own a cart or harness yet!


Yes, I did add a modified horse girth extender to their surcingle. Mini size was too small. I assume I'll have the same issue sizing harnesses and carts, lol.
Okay, so first attempt to lunge on a line was a bit explosive backwards. Didn't get that on video.

The next time we practiced was a couple weeks later, on Dec 23rd, 2016. They each had slight trouble moving off to the right, but soon got it.

I didn't get video the 3rd session nor the 4th, if there was one. But they did great on the 3rd, never was I trying to control speed, just direction, turns and stops.

First post above was the first time I asked Kasia to slow to a walk or down from her wild canter to a trot. She got it quickly!

Anywho, here are Dec 23rd pics. Hopefully in order.

I'll have to come back to update with a date for this.

I set up some funky stuff for them to walk through. Kasia followed me around while I put it together, so safe to say she wasn't phased in the least! But the other two needed some coaxing.

Will need to update a date for this, too.

Working with Kasia on abrupt directional changes and stops. Just once alone.

Using the gelding as distraction and to keep moving, ignoring him.

Also worked on gelding staying put while I asked Kasia only to move.

Sorry, this one is out of order.

On July 30th, 2017.

To test reactions to the surcingle.

Słodka bucked and bolted a tiny bit, but I missed it, so not on film. =/

Then in the pen moving freely, no issues.

Some time in either Dec 2016 or Jan 2017.

Group lunging. Did this a lot, first in the small pen, then this large one.

Here, they did very well walking & trotting together, turning together and stopping together!

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Jan 10th, 2016

Working on leading, backing up, yielding bum n shoulder.

July last year, we bought the land next door. I tried to introduce them to the pond....

Soon after the pond failure, the old place flooded!

We all had a blast!FB_IMG_1501787749163.jpgFB_IMG_1501787766303.jpgFB_IMG_1501787776091.jpgFB_IMG_1501787778951.jpgFB_IMG_1501787802345.jpgFB_IMG_1501787809808.jpgFB_IMG_1501787813550.jpgFB_IMG_1501787805352.jpgFB_IMG_1501787823166.jpgFB_IMG_1501787826033.jpg
Second time ground driving.

Did some backing up, too.

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