A Day in the Life of Dirty Holly

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Nov 30, 2002
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My day started out feeling rather full and bloated, but nevertheless, I was enjoying being out in the rain and slopping along in the mud. Roling to the left, and rolling to the right, I was very content.

That is, until she showed up. Oh no, not another lamaze session. She makes me practice and focus all the time. Breath, breath, hoo hoo hoo, whee whee whee....you know the drill.


I was wrong. She promptly tied me on the wash rack, rendering me helpless. I knew then, to my horrors it was bath time. Alas, my muddy body will be cleansed. I'm submitting....... so she will get her jollys and thus leave me alone to my own devices. I will humor her and comply. Maybe.

HEY! HEY! HEY! Whatchadoing under there???? Don't touch those! How dare you! That's private. Stop it.

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I'm mortified.


You do not have my written permission to be showing

this to anyone! I'm calling my agent!

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YOU have the nerve to call ME whale blubber????


OH NOOOOOO!!! You have REALLY gone and done it now.

There are laws against voyeurism!

I demand to see my lawyer!

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I know my rights and I order you to free me right now!

I'm hauling back.......hope I bust a rope.


Take that stupid old thing off of me right now.

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.......and here comes the scrunchie. I knew it. I just knew it. I'm getting so sleepy.


Oh thank heavens! FINALLY peace at last. I thought this day would never end.

Don't worry friends, I know just how to get her back.........TONITE!

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Wonder if Holly will find her way over to Baxter after this invasion of her privacy?

She definately has put on the pounds since I saw her
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Marty you're a riot! They may not appreciate it but at least your horses always look good!
You know, Marty, I think you may be getting a little one fairly soon. Our maiden mare who foaled this year's vulva looked just like Holly's 3 hours before she foaled (I know because I checked, and she foaled three hours later with pretty much no other notice! It was kind of a shock). Our Cho had a monster of a bag though. She had a bigger bag than the other two mares who foaled, both of whom have had several babies! Honestly, I think you had better round up your boys, and keep a watch on her. She's getting close now, isn't she (due date wise, I mean)? Holly's nipples appear to be pointing down, are they? I can't really tell from this photo of her bag. It looks like she may be getting one too. Anyway, hope she decides to humor you, and foal soon! I know how frustrating it can be waiting for them to decide it's time to introduce the little one!
HOLLY---what can I say about that MOTHER of yours
!!! Showing your "private parts" off for the whole forum to see...how dare her!
You think she did it just so we could all see yuor bag, and be able to play your "keep Mom guessing game"
You are beautiful even when you are good and dirty, after all isnt that how you got your name..Dirty Holly?? Ohhhh...I bet tonight is going to be payback time BIG time for your poor tired Mom. Guess we will be hearing tomorrow all about your night, maybe tomorrow you will have a little FETUS to report to us.
[SIZE=14pt]Im going out on an unpopular limb here and say I think its a couple more weeks away.....dont hit me![/SIZE]

For what it's worth, I think you have more sleepless nights ahead of you. She doesn't look ready to me. (Sarah agrees too)

Holly, payback time!
Oh, poor Holly. Poor dear must feel violated. She will get back tonight, could see REVENGE in her eyes.
Im going out on an unpopular limb here and say I think its a couple more weeks away.....dont hit me! Lyn

Sorry to say it but I am going to have to agree Marty! Looks like theres at least a week left (IMO), but when ever she decides to have it is all right as long as she and fetus are doing good - but I cant wait!

Poor Holly, horrified by all these rude and uncalled for pictures of her

Look at all those fans in your barn, Spoiled?
Molly will be mad if she sees, she only has one!
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Very funny!!

She looks adorable!

I thought she looked ready until I saw her vulva! It does not look long and relaxed to me, but I am comparing it to my mare, maybe it is relaxed for Holly?

IMHO it does not look like she will go on duedate!

I hope I am way off!

One thing is sure, if her foal looks like momma it will be very cute! I love her color!!
im also gonna say she is a ways off yet. I was wondering is she for sure due this month? She doesnt look very big at all.
She looks wonderful and she's decided to wait until July 31st at 7 pm.
hehe Cute pics marty, thanks for sharing! I wish you the best with her and her new soon to come baby!!
Well, I have to take the not tonight vote as well. I think her teats still look like they are pointing in a bit, as her bag fills the tits will point straight down and fill up so they look like little mini marshmallows and they may even get shiny. Her vulva is getting swollen looking but no huge. She is getting there just not all the way yet.

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