2/22 Update on Nell

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Jan 2, 2003
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Nell is now home with me after 2 weeks in the hospital where they tried operating on her, but found she couldn't handle the anethesia. Next, they tried a Farrier who spent hours trying to fashion a shoe that would work for her. No luck there either.

My Vet, Scott was undaunted, he next decided to go with a molded Cast. It's neat looking. It's molded to her leg and goes over her hoof. When you put it on her, it holds her hoof straight. Hopefully, this way it will enable the tendons to stretch on one side and relax on the other. For now, Nell wears it 12 hours on and 12 hours off. I'm doing my best to keep it at the 12 hours, but with my hectic schedule, it's very difficult. This is one of the reasons why I think Nell should go to a home that came devote more time to her.

The cast is taken off very easily and you just velcro it back on. Nell doesn't like it and everytime I take it off, she runs and bucks, she's so cute. Eventually, as Nell gets used to it, the time will be increased until she's wearing it full time. She would then have to be checked daily for sores. But, with this cast it's easy. Scott thinks it should take 6 months or so for her hoof to be straight enough to put directly on the ground.

They gave Nell a bath the night before she left and she is georgeous.. She had them wrapped around her little hoof. Nell had free run of the place during the day and would go from stall to stall, visiting and talking to all the horses. She had a crush on a particularly handsome Through Bred.

I have started her on Glucosmine/condroiten to help with her joints. Hopefully, this will help. Izzy called a little while ago and told me (I'm at work) that Nell now likes peppermint, except she had to hold it while Nell licked it like a little kid. LOL, this little girl is priceless.

Nell is now up for adoption. Anyone interested in her will have to go to our web site and fill out an Adoption Form. The form will tell you what all is required. If you have any questions, please contact me. My info is below.


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I hope little Nell finds a great home! I'm sure she will. I'm so glad this vet is so dedicated to finding a way to help her.
Would like to know age & size of Nell.
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Nell is a coming two year old. I would approximate her height to be 25".

She is also a Dwarf that we rescued from a bad situation. There are a couple of earlier posts on this Forum telling her story. I hope this answers your questions. Please let me know if you have any more.

OH BOY, if I did not have two dwarves already I would definatly take on Nell. I would if I could, but I think I will be living in the barn!! I sure hope she finds a great home!! Do you have pics of her??? Thanks!!!

Hi Munch..

I just tried it and it's OK now..


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I am SOOO happy to hear the good news about Nell. I also have a dwarf with a similiar problem, our university vets said they couldnt do anything for him. I was able to "stretch" his tendons using some unorthodoxied methods,and also made a cast for him, along with my farrier, right at home and 24/7 care for 1 1/2years, but it worked and he is now a happy 5 yr. old, and walks with just the use of his little shoes! These little ones are truly priceless!!! I hope Nell finds the PERFECT home, and in the meantime she keeps enjoying the peppermint....

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