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  1. KLJcowgirl

    Wintering the mini: Free choice hay?

    Hello again, I'm here with yet another maybe silly question. I usually feed my Miss May 1 flake of hay 2x a day (about 2 1/2 lbs of grass hay with a TINY bit of alf-alfa mixed in), but since Christmas, it has been quite cold. We haven't had many days above freezing, the week before last being...
  2. rjrubicon

    Next help with adjusting to balance out weight of cart on small mini

    Help! I am an experience driver of horses in carts, wagons and carraiges. I recently acquired a small A sized mini. She came with harness and easy entry mini 2 wheel cart. I am stuck on a problem that I cannot seem to solve. First off, very little is level in my part of Virginia---finding a...
  3. Lepeppylass

    Hello Again! It's been a while! Are my girls too chubby?

    Hi everyone! I was on here earlier this year when I bought my old lady Lass, who was exposed to a stallion and then had a false pregnancy. I myself was pregnant at the time, and relieved to not have to foal out a mare when I myself was 9 months along! Now I'm a stay at home mom to my cutie son...
  4. Little Wolf Ranch

    Body Builder -- Two Weeks Progress

    Well I was told to use Body Builder weight gain supplement on my hard keeper - a 16.2hh tall Tennessee Walking Horse, Arabian & Thoroughbred gelding. Everything I was trying on him to gain weight (from farnam's weight builder, corn oil, smartpak's weight builder, fat cat, purina's amplify...
  5. Little Wolf Ranch

    Putting Weight On/Maintaining Hard Keeper

    Okay so I know this isn't about a Miniature Horse BUT I still would like your help with figuring this out, considering this is the biggest and most knowledgeable horse group that I know. "Shadow" is my TB/Arabian/TWH cross gelding who stands approximately 16.2hh tall and is 8 years old. Very...
  6. Cupcake

    Potbelly, Color, Registration newbie questions :)

    It's been 3 weeks since the accident and my little girl has recovered SO WELL! I'm so glad as the vet had no idea if she would, he flat out told me that if she had hurt her abdominal wall, it would most likely be fatal. After the first day fever scare, she got better every day and is now all...