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  1. Tab

    Treating Ulcers

    Joe is quite special, and thus has had to give me a run for my money the past 2 years. The vet said that teeth are generally more of a problem in stallions and tiny heads. So we've done the whole dental thing, treated a leg laceration, he has experienced weight loss, and now rain rot. My barn...
  2. Kim~Crayonboxminiatures

    Gastrogard vs. GastroMax3

    Just thought I would share since this product was mentioned on a different thread. I brought home a weanling filly the beginning of November, she was put on ranitidine twice a day a few days before the move, and for several days after. Despite using the preventative she did develop symptoms of...
  3. Oakbrooke Farm

    Mini gelding losing weight........please help

    My 16 yr old gelding recently was diagnosed with ulcers. I had been feeding him enrich 32 for years, but he started walking away from it after a couple bites. I had the vet out to check his teeth which turned out to be fine. A fecal was done and came up clean and the vet said he had ulcers...