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  1. GoldenTree

    Shetland's capable of being Trail companion

    I’m interested in joining the world of Mini’s and Shetlands but I have a few questions. First scurry driving looks like a lot of fun but where can I watch and get more information about driving mini’s in general? I’d like to get some first hand training, discussion, and try it on for size so to...
  2. Rubiesladie

    Trail/Obstacle Help

    Hello everyone! My filly will walk over poles pretty well, we are still practicing and learning, but trotting over them is a different matter. She prefers to hop, or semi jump them. I tried slowing down a little last night when we were practicing, but it did not seem to help much. I know...
  3. Brookwood Farm

    Halter Help

    Hi, I was wondering if you are allowed to touch the horse's halter in mini classes? I was recently informed that you are not and if you do points will be taken away. Is this true?
  4. Brookwood Farm

    Show Apparel

    Hi, my first show is coming up in mid August. I have a two year old bay mini and I need help deciding with what to wear. We will be doing trail and fitting and showmanship. I have been getting mixed ideas on whether to wear western show clothing or just a nice outfit. The rules are to wear a...
  5. RescueMini

    Ideas for Obstacle Trail

    I'm planning on going to my first AMHR and AMHA shows this spring and summer and I am coming up with a list of obstacles to practice in preparation for Obstacle Trail. I have all of the basics obstacles and maneuvers written down; it's basically all of the stuff I have encountered at the local...
  6. bunni1900


    HELP! I am looking for the best TRAIL cart to start my mini with. I am at a loss! I will have to save up no matter what but I really need some help! Any and all input is appreciated!