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  1. KLJcowgirl

    Just a few beginner driving questions.

    Hello again. I started my mini driving this summer, I've driven horses before, but have never trained one to do it. She's doing pretty well, but just when I think she's ready to be actually attached to something, she proves me wrong. I took her out yesterday and she had a big spooking...
  2. Performancemini

    Working with Sculpey Clay or similar

    Just started trying to work with Sculpey brand clay. Bought it at the local 'Hobby Lobby' store. It's so STIFF!!!! Is it supposed to be that stiff. I worked it in my fingers, held it in my warm little hand, tried rolling it thinner. Tough Stuff!!! Am I doing something wrong. Am I supposed to...
  3. minihingstar

    First show! some help please

    In 1½ week I will be at my first show ever. Have never even been and look at one and now it's a international one in another country... with a horse I've never meet before and our first meeting is on the show ground Anything I need to think about ? What type of clothing should I wear ? Any...