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  1. Lil Achers Mirage

    Pedigree help

    Has anyone heard of the horses in this pedigree? also does anyone have photos of world of miniatures rebel?
  2. IMG 7877

    IMG 7877

    After the show
  3. Tab

    Color Possibilities

    I love my silver bay stallion but I've found that he has produced only silvers. Of course he has only been bred to one mare, and she is not silver. His daughter has produced a black bay pinto. Non Z. My question (hypothetical) if bred him to a silver bay mare do you think we would be stuck...
  4. charlottein

    Here's Chaos!

    My first mini arrived today! He is Bondes Bouncin B Glorious Chaos! He is 31" and 5 years old. He settled in to sample some weeds straight away, hehe! He has Gold Melody Boy and Orion Light Vant Huttenest in his pedigree. I will get better pictures later of course! He has some lacing on his...